Summit Brokerage Services

As an Independent Financial Advisor, why choose Summit?

Independent Financial Advisors are faced with many challenges when growing their business; so, finding the right broker-dealer support services to help you grow your business is critical to ensuring your long term success.

Hear from Coach Shula "Why you should join Summit."

Summit Brokerage has a wide range of services to offer you including:

  • Support - Like any service-based business, it all starts with support. At Summit, we place service to our financial advisors above all else. A dedicated transition team with on-site support is just the beginning of our high level of service for our advisors.

  • Payouts up to 95%, plus stock ownership.

  • Industry Leading Products - Summit is product neutral, meaning we do not push to sell any particular product, nor do we offer any proprietary products. All of our products are carefully screened and vetted to ensure only the best industry products are offered to our Independent Financial Advisors.

  • Research - One of the common questions asked by Independent Financial Advisors is "What financial research does Summit provide to its advisors and their clients?" Through our clearing firms and other providers, Summit makes available over 100,000 pages of constantly updated, vital information on the latest news and stock information, over 10,000 online investment strategy reports and industry leading economic forecasts.

  • Fee Flexibility - Summit offers a complete line of flexible fee-based programs so you can design portfolios that meet the needs of each of your clients.

  • Technology - Through partnerships with First Clearing, Pershing, and a range of advisor centric applications, our Advisors have the tools they need to service their client and manage their practice.

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*Based on a national independent survey conducted by a leading trade publication.