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At Summit, we have created a culture that places service to our advisors above all else by treating them as our clients. We differentiate ourselves by recognizing that servicing clients is the most important thing our financial advisors do, while servicing our financial advisor is the most important thing we do.

Our goal is to provide the support, services, products and leading-edge technology you need to build a successful business. This goal is achieved through our commitment to meeting the highest standards in providing quality, personalized services to our advisors and their clients.

Summit provides its advisors, a boutique firm with advantages and a culture that doesn't exist at other broker-dealers. Advisors have direct access to decision makers, a more personalized service experience and as a result, more time to focus on their practice.

As a Summit advisor, you enjoy the freedom and control of being independent while at the same time benefiting from the best support structure in the business.