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eSolutions - SUMMIT's Integrated Technology

A recognized leader in providing next generation Technology, Summit's eSolutions seamlessly integrates best of breed applications to bring your critical client data together, whether you're at your office or on your mobile device.

SUMMIT Technology Diagram

We pride ourselves on providing our advisors with the technology they need to maximize their productivity both in and out of the office. Through RepOffice, Summit advisors have the ability to receive daily updates on products and company information which includes single sign-on access to Summit's technology partners. Advisors can also access a wide range of forms and manuals from Summit's extensive library of information.

Current Best of Breed Applications Include:

  • Customer Relationship Management - Redtail
  • Consolidated Performance Reporting - Albridge
  • Client Access - Albridge, First Clearing & Pershing
  • Forms Processing - Docupace
  • Paperless Processing - Docupace
  • Financial Planning - eMoney & MoneyGuidePro
  • Turnkey Marketing - Marketing Pro
  • Website Development - WebConnect
  • DaPP - Data Protection

Clearing Firm Technology

In addition, our clearing firms also offer the following functionalities:

  • Client web access that enables your clients to enjoy secure online access to their accounts 24/7.
  • Tools that help you analyze your book of business to identify business development opportunities.
  • Access to one of the largest retail fixed-income trading desks in the industry, with over 100 participating broker-dealers at any given time.
  • Financial planning tools that allow financial advisors to identify and prioritize a client's financial and life goals through the use of goals-based sophisticated statistical modeling.

First Clearing Technology


Pershing Technology

Pershing is a recognized leader in the development of processing and information management technology for the financial industry. Their communications and data processing systems are designed to accommodate high order volumes while delivering customized information.

The cornerstones of Pershing's technology are reliability, efficiency and flexibility. Proprietary systems give Pershing complete control of processes and safeguard the confidentiality of customers' accounts. By automating most routine processes, they can speed service, reduce the potential for errors and free more resources to focus on opportunities instead of routine tasks.

Pershing currently has more than 650 system architects, engineers, and programmers dedicated to this business. These professionals are engaged in developing new systems and maintaining the integrity of existing systems.

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