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Investment Advisory & Asset Management Services

As a truly independent and professional investment advisor, having the right tools and support are critical in building and growing a successful advisory practice. Summit offers you many platforms from which to choose, including allowing you to maintain your own independent registered investment advisor or leverage the many fee-based platform options available through Summit?s registered investment advisor, Summit Financial Group ("SFG"). Regardless of the platform, Summit?s commitment to providing state-of-the-art service, technology and options will allow you to focus on growing your practice while knowing that, when it comes to servicing you and your clients, you are never alone!

Summit Financial Group as your Registered Investment Advisor?

For those advisors who prefer to rely on the fee based services provided by SFG as their Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Summit offers some of the most sophisticated and robust advisory platforms in the industry! The benefits of utilizing SFG are many, including reduced operating costs over forming and operating your own RIA, as well as outstanding trade execution and order blasting capabilities through Summit?s clearing firms, First Clearing and Pershing. Moreover, Summit offers the necessary marketing and compliance support you need to grow your business and navigate through today?s complex and arduous rules and regulations. In fact, SFG offers over 20 robust fee based platforms to satisfy the needs of even the most sophisticated advisors and their clients.

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Hybrid Advisor Services

If you prefer the true independence that comes with operating your own Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) through outside custodians such as Schwab, TD and Pershing Advisory Services, it is also important that you have the ability to offer commission based services for those who prefer being charged a commission rather than a fee. Then you need to explore the many benefits of Summit?s Fee Flexible Solutions for Hybrid Advisors. Summit?s boutique broker/dealer support services offer outstanding trade execution, and responsive and friendly service, yet allow you to operate your fee based practice as an Independent RIA. Summit?s Hybrid platform allows you to benefit from the best of both worlds by earning both fees and commissions!  


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